Sonny Banana

Samantha's eldest and wisest therapy dog - Sonny Banana - is a male Labrador. Born in January 2012, he is wise beyond his years. Sonny has worked with Samantha in various roles, including at a public high school, headspace centre and in private practice. Sonny's favourite game in the whole wide world is 'chasey' or 'keep away', closely followed by 'fetch' which he will play for hours if allowed. Sonny has a few special characteristics - he is allergic to all red meats! He is also what is called a 'Dudley Yellow' Labrador - which is why he has brown eyes and nose. This is a recessive gene that is quite common in Yellow Labs! 



Isabelle is a Bearded Collie, born in October 2013. She is a very affectionate and loving little girl! She likes to bounce around and chase the other dogs, but she is not a fan of having her hair brushed! Isabelle has an ABI and as such can be a bit upset by loud noises, as such she no longer visits the PAAW practice. However, she loves working with clients who visit the farm and helping out with demonstrations for the Therapy Dogs Australia workshops and courses. She loves trick training and performs with a lot of enthusiasm!

Elouise is a female Golden Retriever, born in May 2013 she is Samantha's second oldest dog. Elouise has a lovely friendly nature, she is always relaxed and loves getting pats and brushed. She will do anything for a treat, typical of a Golden Retriever! She also loves to carry around any kind of toy. Elouise works with clients across the lifespan, including those in Aged Care facilities - which she thoroughly enjoys. 

Yes, named after her favourite Disney Queen (Elsa to her friends) is a female, standard Labradoodle and the newest member to Jess’ therapy dog team. Born on the 8th November 2015 Elsa is currently a therapy dog in training hoping to follow in the footsteps of her older brother Raphael. Elsa is a very playful puppy who has quickly taken to the game of tug of war. Taking after her ancestor the Labrador Elsa is partial to food, and wants everyone to be her best friend. 



Lulu is a Cavoodle, she works with Amy and absolutely loves belly rubs! Lulu is an enthusiastic little dog who loves to please. She co-facilitates kids groups at PAAW, which she really enjoys! 


Oliver is a male Border Collie, born in September 2015. Samantha's youngest dog, Oliver is enjoying his training journey. He has experience working with clients across the lifespan, as well as dropping in on Kids Group at PAAW. He started his career paired with either Sonny or Elouise who have been more than happy to show him the ropes. Oliver has now progressed to working independently with Samantha in the practice rooms, as well as helping out with kids groups and being involved with schools. Being a Border Collie, he can be a handful at times! but he has a heart of gold and butter wouldn't melt in his mouth ;) 

Queen Elsa

Meet Our Dogs

Named after his favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael (Raph to his friends) is Jess’ male Cavoodle. Born on the 28th June 2014, you would not guess that Raphael is not even 2 years old. Raph has worked with Jess since being certified in June 2015 in paediatric private practices both mobile and clinic based. Raph’s favourite game is tug of war, particularly with his little sister Elsa, however in the clinic he also loves to play pop-up-pirate, pretend play shops or tea-parties, and many more.