Individual dog & handler training

You may wish to access one-on-one training sessions for yourself with your dog. If this is the case, you are welcome to book some time with one of our trainers. These sessions are usually available on weekends, with limited weekday times available.

These training sessions are designed to assist the handler with improving their relationship with their dog, or managing problem behaviours. Therefore, they are not intended as clinical supervision or training sessions. These sessions are available, under our 'consulting' page. 

These sessions are open to graduates of our 5-Day training who are wanting to brush up on their skills, or get some specific advice. They are also available to new training clients who are wanting to see what we are all about and start their training prior to attending our courses. These training costs are applicable to re-assessment & re-certification of our course graduates (moving up a level, or a re-assessment for those who finished the 5/6-Day course as 'not yet competent'). Please note we do not offer one-off assessments to dogs and handlers who have not completed our 5/6-Day course. It is crucial that before entering the workplace as a human-canine therapy team that you have covered the extensive amount of information that we provide in the 5-Day course. 


 $110/hr (incl. GST). 


TDA headquarters is at Burpengary, which is approximately 25mins North of Brisbane, Queensland. Please email us if you require further information, the exact location will be emailed upon booking your training session. The venue is close to the Burpengary Train Station. 


​Email to make a booking