We are able to provide consulting packages for individuals, or workplaces. More information on consulting packages is explained below. You can choose to consult with either Samantha King or Jess Hill

What's the benefit of consulting?
While the workshops are an awesome way to gain a lot of knowledge, One-on-one training provides the opportunity for you to work on the issues which are effecting your individual situation, or workplace situation, right now. You direct these sessions, while we can help you to devise a training plan, you are able to use this time to address the topics that you choose! 

Where does consulting take place?

Our office is in Redcliffe, Queensland and the prices described below are based on you attending your consulting at our office (with or without your dog). You are also welcome to use telephone or Skype for consulting sessions, or attend our training location in Burpengary. There is the option for us to travel to you, or your workplace for consulting However this will incur an additional fee which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

What types of things can I expect to discuss during my consults?

  • Training methods and tips

  • Choosing a breed - for people wanting to purchase a puppy to be trained for therapy

  • The most important information for the first months of a therapy dog puppies life

  • How to introduce a therapy dog to the workplace - The do's & don'ts

  • Winning over your boss & colleagues

  • Legal issues which need to be taken in to consideration (note: this does not constitute as professional legal advice)

  • Ethical issues for clients and therapy animals

  • Specific Animal Assisted Therapy case discussions and intervention planning 

Fees & Packages

Casual Rate:
No contracts, no commitment. 
$140/hr + GST

Beginners Package: 
For those who want enough time to discover whether AAT is for them. Also a great ad-on for attendees of the Introductory workshop. 
3 hour package @ $130/hr +GST

Get In To It Package:
For those who are ready to go, developing a plan to get you and your dog/s ready for action! Or people who are already working with a dog and want to continue skill development for you and your dogs.  
6 hour package @ $120/hr +GST

Workplace Consult
If you are interested in having us come and speak to your workplace, or help you introduce a dog to your workplace, this can be arranged. This is particularly beneficial for places which intend on having a 'practice therapy dog' or similar situation. While a handler should be supervising their therapy dog at all times, we can come in to your workplace and run a half day or full day training for your staff to ensure that they are all capable of keeping your clients and therapy animal safe and happy. These consults are available on a price on application arrangement, however you can expect to pay approximately $500+GST for a half day and $800 for a full day of training. 

*** all packages must be paid for in full prior to the first session ***