5-Day Course Preparation Information

training the sit and drop using a clicker

Clicker or Marker training is generally how we train dogs to do tricks. If you have never heard of it before, watch the short video below with TDA Head Trainer Samantha King for a very quick introduction to this training method. There is a wealth of information about clicker training online, the things you can teach your dog to do are endless! 

It will be helpful if you and your dog already know the 'sit' and 'drop' commands prior to commencement of the 5-Day Therapy Dog and Handler course. During the course, we will not be using treats for these commands - but it is totally fine for you to initially train these commands as tricks with treats. 

If you are unsure of how to train these commands, watch the videos below for some tips. 

A very quick Introduction to clicker training

If you've had trouble with the sit and drop, have a look at this short video with TDA Head Trainer Samantha King. These are generally fairly easy to train using treats, during the course we will show you how to achieve this without using treats. We will also be working on the duration with which your dog can stay in a sit and drop.